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We offer an expansive collection of online electronics Australia from a wide range of brands, and our excellently designed online service will ensure that every visitor can find the device they’re looking for.

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  • CHiQ 32″ HD Android TV – L32G7H


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Online Electronics in Australia

Technology has become a significant convenience to the daily lives of Australian consumers, to the point where it’s difficult to imagine what life would be like without mobile phones, TVs, or computers. However, one of the unique characteristics of electronics in Australia and globally is that they constantly improve, with new phones, TVs, and other utilities coming out yearly. 


To stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you’re benefiting from only the latest amenities, you’ll need an electronics store that reliably stocks cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, here at JC&P, we aim to do just that. Our store dedicates itself to providing our customers with a convenient place to purchase their electronics online.


We offer an expansive collection of online electronics Australia from a wide range of brands, and our excellently designed online service will ensure that every visitor can find the device they’re looking for.

Data Back-Up & Storage Devices

Our online electronics store provides customers in Australia with several varieties of backup devices for their computers. You never know when an accident will happen that wipes out all the data on your hard drive, and it’s often difficult to impossible to recover it. Using storage devices ensures that your most important files are secure and ready to be moved to a different system.

Battery Chargers & Power

Whether you’re looking for a new charger for your phone, a bigger one for your laptop, or a backup battery pack in case of emergencies, the JC&P electronics store has you covered. Our inventory includes several chargers under several different brands such as Giantz, Dell, Mozbit, and more. Additionally, we carry several variations of USB chargers, including portable units, wall-mounted units, and multi-port units. 

Computer Accessories

We carry several accessories for your computer to allow our customers to upgrade from their base equipment or replace broken components. Our inventory also includes several auxiliary computer additions that make using the machine for extended periods far more convenient, like the USB docking station, Logitech Headphones, and every variety of USB cable for easy connections between devices.

Computers & Tablets

We also carry several laptops from ASUS, Samsung, and Lenovo and various computer accessories. Each one comes equipped with the latest technologies, such as SSDs, thumbprint scanners for added security, backlit keyboards for use in the dark, and more.  We also provide smaller computing devices like Samsung galaxy tablets and Lenovo Thinkpads if you don’t need a device as strong as a laptop. 

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones have become versatile tools nowadays, and it’s almost unthinkable to leave home without one. However, even with their many uses, it’s possible to wring out even more utility and entertainment with a few of the accessories we have available online.


Here at JC&P, our online electronics for Australian customers include items such as: 


  • vent mounts so you can more safely use your phone on the go
  • earbuds that come in a variety of colours
  • a smartphone car charger
  • Bluetooth speakers that provide high-quality audio 


Our online electronics shop is also a marketplace for top-of-the-line Android phones. We carry mobile phones from reputable brands such as Nokia, Oppo, Realme, and Samsung, each guaranteed to have the latest phone innovations to allow our customers the utmost convenience and entertainment. While we have typical touchscreen models for you to browse, we also carry past mobile phone models (with modern updates) that allow you to enjoy today’s cellular advances with the aesthetic of yesterday.

USB Gadgets

JC&P carries several USB devices in our inventory that grant the customer added convenience in their lives, including:

  • car chargers for using your electronics in Australia on the go
  • flash drives
  • Bluetooth dongles
  • video docking stations manufactured by Winstars


USB’s are one of the most common connection types, and it pays to have a few extra ports available, so our electronics store stocks several USB hubs available for purchase and surge protectors with built-in ports.


When people look for online electronics in Australia, cooking implements is one of the most common searches. Whether you use your kitchen for cooking meals or entertaining guests, you’ll spend a significant amount of time in this part of your home. So to save time preparing meals while still making them delicious, why not purchase JC&P’s cooking appliances?


Our online electronics Australia inventory includes the latest culinary technologies from some of the most trusted cookware brands. We have small appliances such as omelette makers, temperature probes, and electronic food scales. However, our stock also includes ovens, food bars, and electric cooktops. 


The most convenient service that we provide to our customers is our frequent deals. Return to our online electronics store frequently, and you’ll find several of our items on sale for discounted prices much lower than our competitors. To lessen any of our customer’s financial worries, we’ve also included a payment plan option that makes our more expensive products far more attainable. 

About Us 

JC&P online is an internet-based store that sells online electronics in Australia and a wide selection of other products. Our catalogue encompasses everything from health and beauty to sports to recreational items. We work to ensure that the JC&P store is a one-stop-shop for all modern conveniences, including the latest technologies. 


Here at JC&P, our team strives to provide a buying experience that leaves every visitor to our website 100% satisfied. We ensure that our inventory is constantly growing to bring our customers only the best in electronic devices along with a healthy variety of brands from which to choose. 


Our product descriptions detail every feature of our items so that you can make informed purchasing decisions. And, as mentioned above, we offer great deals and payment plans to make our products more affordable for our customer base. 


Quality is important to us, from the sellers we host to the website’s layout to our offers and deals. We guarantee that JC&P’s online electronics store provides an excellent shopping experience for Australian customers. 


To purchase the latest offering from top manufacturers, browse our extensive library of items and find what you’re looking for today!