Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro J330G Dual Sim Standby 4G 16GB – Gold


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Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro J330G Dual Sim Standby 4G 16GB – Gold

Elegant by nature

When style complements functionality. Designed with the strictest attention to detail the new Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro features a stunning uniform metal finish with zero camera protrusion for superior grip and 2.5D Glass shielding its 5.0” HD TFT display for added durability.


Share life as you see it

Its rear 13 MP F 1.9 camera captures clear photos with enhanced detail in low light while its intuitive interface enables one-handed functionality thanks to its moving shutter button so you can still take the shot while adjusting your pose or framing the scene.


Look great in every frame

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro lets you take bright and vivid selfies every time with more accurate detail even in low light thanks to its front LED and selfie flashes. You can also control the shutter by simple hand gesture.


Full speed ahead

Keep usage running at optimal levels. Thanks to 2 GB of RAM 16 GB of internal storage and up to 256 GB of optional expandable storage capacity with microSD support the Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro ensures highly responsive and blazingly fast speeds to accelerate your workflow.


Synchronize your world

Seamless management for your preferred content. Samsung Cloud lets you backup sync restore and upgrade your data through your Galaxy smartphone so you get access to whatever you need whenever and wherever you need it.


Hidden for your protection

Samsung’s Secure Folder is a powerful security solution that lets you creates a private and fully encrypted space to store and hide content such as photos documents and voice recording files under an additional layer of protection that only you can access.


Dual Messenger

Customize the way you chat. The Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro allows for the set up of two accounts for the same Messenger with different purposes. Users can install and easily manage the second Messenger account simultaneously from the home screen and settings menu.


– 142g 8.2mm thickness

– Android 7.0

– 16GB storage microSD card slot


Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro J330G Dual Sim Standby 4G 16GB – Gold


Android 7.0 Nougat




  • 850MHZ 850MHZ
  • 900MHZ 900MHZ
  • 1800MHZ 1800MHZ
  • 1900MHZ 1900MHZ

  • 850MHZ 850MHZ
  • 900MHZ 900MHZ
  • 1700MHZ 1700MHZ
  • 1900MHZ 1900MHZ
  • 2100MHZ 2100MHZ

  • 700MHZ 700MHZ
  • (B20) 800MHZ (B20) 800MHZ
  • 850MHZ 850MHZ
  • 900MHZ 900MHZ
  • 1700MHZ 1700MHZ
  • 1800MHZ 1800MHZ
  • 1900MHZ 1900MHZ
  • 2100MHZ 2100MHZ
  • 2300MHZ 2300MHZ
  • 2600MHZ 2600MHZ





802.11 a/b/g/n/ac




2400 mAh


143.2 mm x 70.3 mm x 8.2 mm

142. g